Case Study Supplements

The Client

The client was a startup company in the initial stages of developing a line of nutritional supplements for sale in the natural health departments in pharmacies and online.

The Problem

The objective of the project was to develop a means of extracting proanthocyanidins from grape seeds to produce Grape Seed Extract for sale as a nutritional supplement.

Proanthocyanidins, are a member of the polyphenols group of chemicals and are amongst the most powerful antioxidants know to modern biochemistry.  These can be found in many natural resources of which grape seeds are one of the most abundant.

A further objective of the work was to scale up the lab process developed into a large scale commercial process.

Tasks Involved

Lab development

A study of the literature was conducted.  Grape seeds were obtained from many different sources and grape varieties.  Lab experiments were conducted to extract proanthcyanidins.  A method of analysis was developed and validated for quantification of the compounds extracted.  Competitors products were tested against our own extracts for comparison.  The extraction method was modified and optimized on a lab bench scale to produce the maximum amount of extract with the highest potency.  Samples were sent to collaborators at universities for in vivo antioxidant evaluation.

Commercial scale up

A process was outlined on paper and agreed to by the client.  Sellers of used process equipment were contacted.  A process plant consisting of tanks, a mill, sieves, a centrifuge, distillation unit, drier and packaging equipment etc was constructed and commissioned.

Manufacturing specs and a complete manufacturing and packaging process SOP was written for the client.

A QC lab together with all of the equipment necessary to monitor the commercial production was set up for the client.

The Outcome

A commercial process for extraction, purification and packaging of Grape Seed Extract was achieved from initial first concept through to manufacturing.  This whole process was achieved in 30 months.

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