Case Study Natural Pesticide

The Client

The client was a developer of natural pesticides for the home and garden, agricultural, horticultural and pest control operator markets in the United States and internationally.

The Problem

For self-defense purposes, many plants generate chemicals that are toxic to insects. These naturally occurring chemicals derived from plants are called botanical insecticides.

Before the advent of synthetic chemical pesticides such as DDT, botanical insecticides were in common use. In recent years it has been realized that the synthetics, although highly effective often possess undesirable side effects such as toxicity to mammals and pollution of the environment. As awareness of the potential health and environmental hazards of many residual synthetic pesticides increases, and as pests become resistant to more and more synthetic compounds, interest in plant-derived pesticides returning.

As a result of the above statements, our client had put together a team of researchers in-house and at universities across North America to carry out a long-term project to develop a line of botanical pesticides. The team was complete except for expertise in formulation development. This roll was filled by EcoSafe Natural Products Inc.

Tasks Involved

The project is an ongoing relationship involving a wide range of tasks covering all aspects of product development. They have included scientific advisory panel discussions on product concepts and designs, bench development of formulations, storage testing and analysis of samples, overseeing commercial production runs at toll manufacturers sites, writing manufacturing specs, MSDS sheets, and product monographs, assistance with field tests, packaging studies, product registration and patent applications.

The Outcome

The relationship has spanned 6 years and is still ongoing. It has resulted in the development of a full line of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides for the home and garden, agricultural, horticultural and professional pest control operator markets. The research has resulted in the issue of 14 patents so far with many more pending. These new active ingredients are so revolutionary, they have gained the interest and endorsement of prominent entomologists throughout the world.

Needless to say the client was very pleased with the success enjoyed through working with EcoSafe and is looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

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