Case Study Exfoliating Skin Cream

The Client

The client was a startup company in the initial stages of developing a line of cosmetics for sale in department stores and online.

The Problem

The objective of the project was to develop an exfoliating skin cream without the concerns of the alpha hydroxy acids or abrasive formulations usually found in these types of products. Desired properties of the cream were to remove dead and dry skin flakes and leave the underlying skin moist and healthy.

A further objective of the work was to obtain an understanding of the mode of action of the exfoliating effect. With this knowledge it was hoped to predict which chemical types would produce such an effect and therefore patent the technology.

Tasks Involved

A literature search was run, ingredients were obtained and formulations prepared in the lab. Product testing was done by a panel of experts set up by the client. Formulations were tested against currently available competitive products for comparison. Data was collated from the test panel results. The most promising formulations were placed on stability tests in storage ovens and monitored.

A product development report was written with recommendations for best formulation to take to market. A manufacturing standard operating procedure and product specification sheet were written to facilitate commercial production. At this point further work was done to generate data for broadening the scope for the patent application.

The Outcome

A final product was achieved with all of the desirable properties of a mild exfoliating skin cream. A toll manufacturer was sourced and the initial production run overseen. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and has gone to market with the product. A provisional patent has been filed and work is continuing to expand its scope.

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