Develop a Product

Typical Scenario for Pesticide Formulation Development

  1. Pre-formulation – Establish level of a.i. required for efficacy.
  2. Determine type of formulation desired based on target market, efficacy of the a.i., dilution factors etc.
  3. Select inert excipients, solvent, surfactants etc. and develop formulations for efficacy testing.  Take account of product efficacy considerations, enhanced uptake, inclusion of spreader stickers
  4. Run greenhouse and small plot field trials.
  5. Start physical and chemical storage stability program.
  6. Adjust formulation based on feed back from field personnel, if necessary.
  7. Adjust formulation based on storage stability results, if necessary.
  8. Initiate toxicity tests, inhalation studies etc.  User friendliness considerations, skin irritation, high / low pH, fat solvating power, eye irritation – pH, solvent effect.
  9. Apply for registration
  10. Test combinations with other products, compatibility in tank mixes etc.

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