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Research and Development Consultancy

Whether you are a new startup company looking for lab services or a well-established multinational with that special project that cannot justify the use of your in-house resources, EcoSafe can help.

We are happy to sign a your confidentiality agreement or we can provide one of our own.  All information, products and processes developed by us for you become your property as our client.

If you want to discuss your needs for formulation and product development, analysis and testing for registration, contact us today.

Typical project outline

  1. After initial discussions between EcoSafe and the client a confidentiality agreement is usually signed.  Following that, more specific discussions take place to outline the scope of work, type and number of products to be developed, target markets, desire product concentrations, methods of application, type and size of packaging, registration issues, production issues and overall timelines etc.
  2. A proposal is then written by EcoSafe and forwarded to the client for approval, after which work can begin.
  3. The proposal outlines a working agreement that can be any one of 4 possible types as outlined in sections i., ii., iii. & .iv below.
    1. Fixed project cost
      This is usually used for a specific project having a definite start and end point with a well-defined objective.  The project is usually for development of a specific formulation of a defined active ingredient at a pre-determined concentration for a specific target market.In this scenario, following discussions with the client, a project proposal is written.  The proposal outlines the objectives, detail of work to be done, time lines and cost.  This type of project can be as short as 2 months for simple formulation development and can take as long as 8 – 14 months if storage stability of the formulation is a requirement.  The cost is based on labor rates of US $1,000/day (US $125/hour) plus materials and supplies costs.  In the past a project lasting 2 months has been in the region of $5,000 – $7,000, whereas one with extensive chemical storage testing has ranged from $15,000 – $25,000.  Payment schedule is usually 50% at the start and 50% upon completion for projects up to 3 months duration.  Monthly or stage payments are usually required for longer-term projects.
    2. Retainer fee
      This scenario is for longer term projects that require greater flexibility.Contracts have been run on a retainer fee basis where the start and finish are difficult to define or where the objectives are frequently changing.  This works well when a project is more research oriented or if several independent entities are required to input information such as field testing of experimental formulations.  This also works well for troubleshooting commercial products for sales departments.In this scenario a client can feel free to call up and request work to be done at any time depending upon the needs of the moment without requiring a specific proposal to be written.  This type of project is usually ongoing although it can have a specified term, usually 1 year or more.  Under the terms of such a contract we usually guarantee a certain number of days per month to be dedicated to that client.  We also normally give a price break to a client for signing a long-term contract.  As an example, we currently have a project of this nature with a client for 3 days per month at a cost of US $3,000/month (US $125/hour).
    3. Off site consultancy
      This type of contract is charged on a per diem basis at $1,000/day, plus travel time and expenses such as hotels, meals, car rental etc.This contract is used for consultancy meetings at the client’s facility, overseeing of first time production runs of new products at the toll manufacturers facility, overseeing field trials, and troubleshooting production or packaging problems.  Following a visit to a production, packaging or field test facility, a trip report is written for the client.
    4. Reduced cost with royalties
      For some startup companies or companies wishing to watch cash flow for any reason we have worked on a reduced fee basis, typically 60-75% of our normal fees, with a royalty on product sales.  This scenario is negotiable and in the past has been 3% of gross sales for the first year of sales, 2% for the second year and 1% for the next 3 years.
  4. When work begins the client usually supplies EcoSafe with active ingredients and any special ingredients required in the formulations.  EcoSafe usually sources inert excipients for lab bench development studies.  EcoSafe then conducts the R & D as required for each product, giving frequent reports, updates, samples etc to the client as milestones are reached.  Free discussion takes place between any members of staff of either company on a daily, weekly or as needed basis to exchange information and conduct the work.  Upon completion of the work a final report is written with conclusions and recommendations.
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