Ultra-low Volume Sprays

These concentrates may approach 100 percent active ingredient. They are designed to be used “as is” or to be diluted with only small quantities of a specified carrier. They are used at rates of no more than 1/2 gallon per acre. These special purpose formulations are used mostly in outdoor applications, such as in agricultural, forestry, ornamental, and mosquito control programs.

Advantages of ultra-low-volume formulations include:

  • Relatively easy to transport and store
  • Remain in solution; little agitation required
  • Not abrasive to equipment
  • Will not plug screens and nozzles
  • Leave little visible residue on treated surfaces

Their disadvantages:

  • Difficult to keep pesticide on target—high drift hazard
  • Specialized equipment required
  • Easily absorbed through skin of humans or animals
  • Solvents may cause rubber or plastic hoses, gaskets, and pump parts and surfaces to deteriorate
  • Calibration and application must be done very carefully because of the high concentration of active ingredient
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