Pesticide gel formulations are usually used for 2 main applications:

  • Insecticide baits
  • Topically applied on-skin Insect repellents

Insecticide baits

Liquid insecticide baits are used primarily by the structural pest control industry for controlling ants and, to a lesser extent, cockroaches. They are packaged as ready-to-use, sugar-based liquids placed inside bait stations. Liquid insecticide ant baits have a number of advantages. They are very effective against certain species of sugar-feeding ants. These ants typically accept and transfer liquid baits into the ant colonies. However, some ants will not feed on liquid baits. Liquid baits also must be replaced often. Another feeding stimulant often used in ant baits is peanut butter. This works particularly well for protein feeding ants.

On-skin Insect repellents

These formulations contain the active ingredient emulsified or suspended in water and a thickening or gelling agent to produce the desired viscosity. Other ingredients that may be included sre emollients, preservatives, fragrances and coloring.

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