Nature of Business

EcoSafe Natural Products Inc. is a consulting and contract R&D company specializing in contract research & development for companies in pesticides, fertilizers, personal care and other specialty areas of industry.

We are experienced in agrochemical, horticultural, forestry, institutional and homeowner products. We have expertise in product development and scale-up, fermentation product recovery of microbials, extraction of compounds from natural sources, commercial production, analytical chemistry, packaging, field trials, toxicology, application techniques and registration. We have assisted in production plant design and overseen commercial manufacturing processes at sites around the world.

Our 1,700 sq ft research facility is located in Saanichton, on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC, Canada.

Services offered to our clients include formulation development and testing, analysis of chemical and physical properties, full and accelerated storage stability testing and product package testing. We are equipped with the latest equipment for preparation of liquid, powdered and granular formulations. Our chemical analysis capabilities include HPLC and GC/MS for quantitation and structure verification.

Formulations chemistry is an arcane area of knowledge and the expertise required to undertake this work is held by very few chemists worldwide. Rod Bradbury, the company’s president and founder, is one of those chemists, placing EcoSafe in an excellent competitive position, able to take advantage of this shortage of knowledge.

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